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  • Product Code: TMR-A-YEXHFDCrm-950

YE-X HFD CREAM - Anti-Aging Massage Cream for All Skin Types

Innovative Anti Aging Product Regenerates Skin Cells

TMR’s High Frequency Device Multipurpose YE-X Massage Cream is an oil soluble, innovative skin care system designed to not only lubricate during HFD and conventional massage use, but maximize the body’s natural ability to regenerate skin cells. YE-X supports the process of skin cell regeneration with a combination of the highest quality key ingredients: emu oil, plant extracted omega-3 (ALA), and our exclusive OG3 Egg yolk lecithin omega 6 (DHA) and 9(EPA).

An Anti-Wrinkle Cream that also Reduces Skin Inflamation 

Natural ingredients work in unison, substantially reducing pain and inflammation, aiding in good cholesterol, and maximizing hydration for overall healthy skin. TMR is an innovation in skin care providing a unique combination of these three proven components vital to overall healthy, vibrant, and beautiful skin.  It increases blood flow, which is what gives you that plump, glowing look, and firms sagging areas by improving muscle tone.

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