TR Step 1, Advanced Pure Essence

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TR Step 1, Advanced Pure Essence

Anti-aging Skincare Erases Fine Lines, Crow's Feet and Wrinkles

Pure Emu Oil 99% and YE-X 1%

Time Reverse Step 1 contains 99% emu oil and 1% Tmr’s Signature Ingredient, YE-X.  Highly concentrated, pharmaceutical grade anti-aging Emu Oil is a highly efficient and natural transdermal carrier. When topically applied skin cells can draw directly from its available and quickly absorbed essential fatty acids restoring a fuller, more youthful look by repairing skin depth. With our exclusive YE-X egg yolk nutrient compound and specialized delivery system. Emu Oil readily permeates through the epidermis to deliver these key bio nutrients directly to the subcutaneous layer, where collagen and elastin are produced. Over time these skin components break down creating fine lines, a dulled complexion, and a diminished resilience . Emu Oil is scientifically proven to assimilate nutrients more efficiently than the typically used plant products. By protecting the integrity of elastin and collagen bundles and minimizing the impact of free radical damage, Time Reverse Step I works to improve skin firmness and elasticity combating the adverse affects of the aging process and visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Regular use of this essence will help to revive aging skin, restoring it to its correct hydration levels.

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