Sure Whitening Cream

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Sure Whitening Cream- Skin Lightening for Dark Spots

SURE Whitening Cream helps to brighten and smooth out dark spots and dark irritated skin caused by melanin overexposure to UV rays—or sun damage—and deep acne scars.

Natural Bearberry extract (Arbutin) helps exfoliate rough damaged skin to become lighter and smoother. Woman’s Gold, Shea butter’s beneficial vegetable proteins, promotes cell regeneration and circulation eliminating dead cells. Healing and rejuvenating hyperpigmented or aging skin, it also serves to protect from future sun exposure by buffering the skin’s defense barrier. Gooseberry tannins and powerful antioxidant Vitamin C reduce wrinkles, suppress pigmentation and help skin retain its natural moisture. The overall result is a brighter, glowing skin complexion and increased defense against the elements.

  • From Clinical Reviews:

  • 89% of visibly experienced natural skin brightening & lightening
  • 96% expeienced improved skin texture 

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