OG3 Intensive Cream

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  • Product Code: TMR-A-OG3-50

Og3 Intensive Cream- Anti-Aging Skincare Treatment

OG3 anti-wrinkle cream formulated to increase collagen, supplying vital hydrating and building components. Og3 delivers elusive skin health benefits to combat signs of aging—fine lines, crows feet, and heavy wrinkles.

Regenerating botanical extracts, revitalize by maximizing healthy cell production and providing a UVB protective layer against free radical damage and environmental assaults like sun damage, to preserve and re-energize skin health & visible vitality.  Highly stable peptides restore skin resilience, regenerate cells, and accelerate collagen production and elastin synthesis producing a fuller youthful complexion. Saponines work in conjunction to expel toxins beneath the surface for visibly firmer, luminous skin. The latest advanced active ingredients, combined with our exclusive YE-X formula, works synergistically to provide immediate benefits

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