Eye Gel Gold

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  • Product Code: TMR-A-EyeGG-50

Eye Gel Gold- Anti-Aging Formula 

Wondering how to get rid of dark eye circles?

Scientifically formulated Tmr’s Eye Gel Gold is set to restore our eyes youthful look and combat severe fine lines around the eyes. Natural plant extract Symphytum Officinale stimulates cell growth to boost collagen and elastin synthesis, visibly reducing the severity of dark circles and puffiness while powerful antioxidants penetrate to remove dead skin cells. This elixir of youth Tones and tightens our 360 orbital rim, lifting and firming around the eyes. Highly oxygenated aloe juice quenches dehydrated skin cells and improves skin strength and elasticity around delicate eye area, accelerating a smooth base and radiant luminous eyes

  • Clinical Results From 2 Week Application:

  • 96% of women felt firmer tighter skin around eye area zone
  • 91% of women saw a reduction in puffiness

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