YE-X Replenishing Emulsion 118ml

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  • Product Code: TMR Replenishing Cream with YE-x

YE-X Replenishing Emulsion - Anti-Aging Massage Cream for All Skin Types

Over time external factors like the wind and sun can dry out and expedite our skins natural aging process.

YE-X Replenishing cream is formulated to hydrate, firm, and maximize our skin’s natural ability to regenerate cells.

YE-X complex supports the process of skin cell regeneration with a combination of the highest quality active ingredients to improve the quality of your skin over time. Blended with Ginko and Grape moisturizers  to treat age spots and uneven skin tone. These natural components work in unison to treat, restore and protect dull, damaged skin and maximizing hydration for overall firmer, vibrant skin. It increases blood flow, which is what gives you that plump, glowing look, and firms sagging areas by improving muscle tone

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