Advanced Arg Cream

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  • Product Code: TMR-A-AdArgCrm-50
  • Advanced Arg Cream- Super Concentrated Skincare Formula for Optimal Skin Health

Anti-aging Formula Reduces Fine Lines, Stimulating New Cell Growth

This concentrated formula offers the highest possible amount of active ingredients nourishes the skin all day and all night long for noticeably healthier, more radiant skin.

Emu oil works to stimulate new skin cell production and prevent and improve fine lines.  Argireline (Acetyl hexapeptide-3) works to minimize facial straining movements and prevents future wrinkles and fine lines for a softer fresher face. Overall, this advanced anti-aging skincare product gives you optimal skin health in myriad ways. TMR's Advanced Arg Cream promotes new skin cell production, extreme moisturizing, wrinkle repair and prevention of future wrinkles.

  • Skin Health and Anti-Aging Evidence—Here are the facts:

  • 94% of women saw a decrease in deep fine lines around the forehead and mouth area.
  • 95.3% visibly saw an increase in radiance and glow

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