AIOM BB Cream w/YE-X

5-In-One Beauty Balm (moisturizer, foundation w/UV protection, environmental barrier, skin tone corrector, YE-X treatment) Apply evenly to face and neck with fingertips.


YE-X Replenishing Emulsion (massage/moisturize)

                                                                    ( Recommended to use 3~4 times a week )

Prepare area with TMR special cleanser.  Apply YE-X Replenishing Emulsion liberally. For maximum results, allow cream to rest and form for 5 min prior to massage.  Excess YE-X Replenishing Emulsion can be left on for maximum effect or removed with TMR Cleanser.


1.  Apply the massage cream to areas with quarter-sized amount. Using a spatula will decrease the chances of spreading germs if sharing the cream with others.


 2.  Warm your hands by rubbing them for a few seconds before beginning the massage. Smooth the massage cream into the skin lightly with your fingertips.


3.  Rub the moisturized skin using your thumbs, fingers and palms during 5 min to max 15min.  Wipe away excess cream with a towel after the massage is complete.

YE-X HFD Cream ( For professional massage )